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Today I received an email from Jonathan about a new puzzle and new website called Pathem.

This new puzzle is a kind of crossword puzzle. From a description you will have to puzzle to find a phrase. The letters from the phrase you’ll have to fill into a grid in one single continuous path.

There are only enough open grid spaces to write each letter once, so the path will overlap itself as it moves horizontally, vertically and diagonally through the grid, revisiting letter spaces as needed to complete the continuous letter path. One letter will be provided as a hit.

There are different difficulty levels available including a scoring system for Pathem Puzzles. The only downside I can think of is that there may be more than one correct solution for a Pathem puzzle.

Every day you can find a puzzle on the Pathem Blog and every week a printer friendly pdf version of the Pathem puzzles are published including a separate pdf version with the solutions.

And as they say at Pathem: “From beginner to expert, there are Pathem puzzles for everyone. Easy to pick up, hard to put down.”

UPDATE: Pathem puzzle books are available from Amazon.
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Famous People
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Famous Sayings
Pathem: the path word puzzle: The Movies
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Sports
Pathem: the path word puzzle: TV Shows
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Bible Puzzles
Pathem: the path word puzzle: Christmas Puzzles

You can try Pathem puzzles by downloading a special ‘print-n-play’ Pathem sampler puzzle book with 15 new puzzles in pdf format (approx 970kb).

Buy Pathem Word Puzzle Books from Happy Puzzling!

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