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QBz is an online Flash puzzle game of which you can also download a version for PC as well as Mac. QBz is a block puzzle game like Same Game. Your object is th clear the board of QBz, by clicking on one color group of blocks at a time. The group has to be no less than two QBz. The bigger the group, the higher you score. There are several levels with three special moves per level (rotate left/right or mix). Don’t click single blocks as they can’t be removed and will you will score negative points. There are also two game modes (time challenge or points challenge) and three skill levels (easy/normal/pro). You can play QBeez 2 online or download a version for Windows or Mac OS X. A complete version of QBeez 2 will cost you US$ 20 / Eur 16. You can also order Qbeez 2 via Amazon. Enjoy QBz.

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