Sudoku For Your BlackBerry

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You can use your BlackBerry just professionally to receive and send emails. But there is more your BlackBerry can do!

You can train your brain or just relax by solving Sudoku puzzles with puzzle game called Sudoku Master II. This game is a complete redesign which includes revolutionary features like online competitive and cooperative play with up to four live players from around the world, in real time.

You can enter Sudoku tournaments and compete to become the real Sudoku Master. Of course, you can still play alone, with literally billions of original Sudoku puzzles and a fun Story mode where you solve puzzles to save the world. Every Real Dice game includes free access to the Community, from your device and the Web.

You can also make your own character, build a buddy list and see who is online, send messages, chat, stream new updates and game releases, visit the Hall of Fame. You can download a trial version and a complete version of Sudoku Master II for US$ 14.95 at Happy Puzzling!

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