The World’s Longest Sudoku Puzzle

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Are regular Sudoku’s starting to seem too easy? At more than 21 feet long, and with 8,929 empty squares to fill, this huge Sudoku puzzle adds big excitement to the popular game.

The World’s Longest Sudoku Puzzle is composed of 167 regular-sized (9×9) Sudoku puzzles, linked together at 3×3 corners. Among the noteworthy features here: each individual Sudoku puzzle’s starting numbers are symmetrically placed in the puzzle, and no more than 30 numbers are given. Also, each 9×9 puzzle has a unique solution: no two are alike.

And, finally, the difficulty level increases as you progress from left to right, becoming quite formidable by the end. The World’s Longest Sudoku puzzle is available from Happy Puzzling!

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