Topsy Turvy – Online Puzzle Game with a Twist

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Topsy Turvey is a nice Flash puzzle game like Same Game and also this puzzle game has really a nice twist.

While trying to click all colored blocks (they only disappear when you click more than three connected blocks of the same color) and clear the game board before time runs out. The twist in this game is that the game board rotates, causing the blocks to tumble around (like your wash in a washing machine), mixing up all blocks every time the game board rotates.

As said before, nice game which will entertain you for a while. There is only one downside I can find in Topsy Turvy are the colors, some blocks are red or brown and at my screen they look almost the same color.

You can play Topsy Turvy Online or download this puzzle game for you PC as well as your Mac.Happy Puzzling this weekend.

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