World’s Longest Crossword Puzzle

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Next to The World’s Longest Sudoku there is also the longest crossword puzzle book.

This puzzle book is 21 feet long, it’s nine squares high, 966 squares long, and with a colossal 2,439 answers to figure out: this is truly a record-breaking, brain-busting crossword puzzle! Crossword mavens can make a choice: they can either start a marathon solving session or come back to it time and time again—doing a little more and stretching out the pleasure.

It starts simply—with easy first solutions. But as you get deeper into the puzzle, the clues get harder. Plus, as a fun extra, an excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural address is woven throughout the puzzles, providing a running theme. The Longest Crossword Puzzle Book is available from Amazon for less than US$ 10.

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