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The Four Color Problem is a new puzzler from the creators of Dice Wars.

This Flash puzzle game involves grabbing as much land as possible in turns, though any adjacent areas captured should be of different colors. A grid of hexagons is created for you, and the hexagons are divided into large chunks (similar to the layout for Dice Wars).

Your objective is to color in as much space as you can, while the computer opponent tries to do the same.

The catch is that no two adjacent areas can be filled with the same color. You’ll have to have color the largest part of map with your colors (black and grey, the computer plays with green and orange). You alternate turns with your opponent, and alternate between colors (black, green, grey, orange, etc).

Your score and the opponents score is shown at the bottom of the screen. Each round is won by gaining the most half of the hexagons, or if there is a draw (as in, a region can’t be filled by either player because all four colors already border it), then the majority takes the cake. My record is just six rounds, can you beat it? Happy Puzzling!

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