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Gemsweeper is an awardwinning puzzle game by Lobstersoft. Gemsweeper combines fun puzzles, brilliant graphics and an engaging story into one unique, highly addictive game.

As most gem puzzle games like bejeweled the rules of the game are not really that difficult to understand. The game board consists of cursed tiles and gems which are all faced down. A player needs to uncover the pattern made of gems and break the cursed tiles. There is always a numerical hint along the side and top for each row and column showing how many gems are in the line and you must find out where they are using this info.

The game starts with a grid of 5×5 tiles, later 5×7, 10×10 and then more and more.
The goal of the game is to help Topex (a mythical statue) reconstruct the temples of his hometown of El Dorado. And you travel from one lost city to another somewhere deep in jungle earning score points and treasure hunting ranks. One thing which definitely should be mentioned is Professor McGuffog (see picture) who helps you with the hints and rules and sometimes making jokes. Also he can repair a smashed gem with the Magic glue for you. Gemsweeper offers more than 200 unique puzzles to solve. You can download a free trail version of Gemsweeper of buy the full version of Gemsweeper for less than US$ 20.

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  1. Anonymous January 29, 2009 at 17:11

    If you go to now there is an updated version that has over 250 levels. This is a great game that keeps getting better.

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