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Mariah Mundi in Manic Mundi is the title of a nice online puzzle game. You probably know the book Mariah Mundi written by GP Taylor (some people say this could genuinely be the book series that will replace Harry Potter at the top of every child’s wish list).

Mariah Mundi lives in the Regency Hotel at the See Cliffs in the Town at the End of the line. Using his Patent Steam Elevator. Your have to help Mariah to turn off all the gas lamps in the Hotel. You can move the steam elevator to the first window you select, after that you can move the steam elevator only horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There can also be a key and lock in the game, make sure you pass by the key first, before moving to the lock. To make it a bit more difficult also two enemies are added to the game (a joker and a doll), you can not pass both.

The levels are not to difficult to solve, some of them can get tricky because you need to start in the correct spot. If you don’t solve it the first time, you can reset the level and try again. For each level solved a password is given so you can come back later and continue Manic Mundi. Happy Puzzling!

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