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Travel Blokus is the compact, two-player edition of the of award-winning strategy game Blokus.

Travel Blokus is known in Europe as Blokus Duo Game. The travel version of Blokus is the perfect on-the-go strategy game for two!

The simple rules take less than a minute to learn, yet the game has the depth to challenge both beginners and experts alike. Set Travel Blokus set includes game-board with 196 recessed squares (14×14), 42 game pieces in vibrant, translucent purple and orange in a storage tray, and guide.

The pieces are identical to the original Blokus game for four players, except there are only two sets, the board is also smaller (original is 20×20). Travel Blokus is perfect to take with you when you are traveling, but it’s also ideal to play at home when there are only two of you.

Travel Blokus is just like Blokus Classics Game available at Amazon or buy Blokus at Puzzle Master. Happy Puzzling!

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