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Color Rush Puzzle Game for iPhone


Color Rush is a combination of Othello and Chinese Checkers.

You start as the white crystal on the lower left corner and pick colors to expand your field. Your opponent is the black gem at the right top corner. You win if you grab more than half of the crystals.

You can also play this addictive puzzle game without an iPhone, just visit the website and start puzzling. Happy Puzzling!

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Lightning Bugs – Online Puzzle Game


Lightning Bugs is a variant of the puzzle game called Samegame (originally invented in 1985 as Chain Shot).

You have to clear each level by casting your magic spell to capture the lightning bugs. Cast your spell on groups of the same color to clear them quickly. Capturing a single lightning bug requires the use of a crystal ball (shown at the left bottom of the screen).

Beware, you must clear the level before the timer runs out.  Happy Puzzling!


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Bloomin’ Gardens – Online Puzzle Game


Bloomin’ Gardens is another addictive Flash Puzzle Game. In Bloomin’ Gardens you’ll have to put your green fingers to the test and try to keep the garden manageable.

Plants are growing faster than you can pick them. For each plant you move three new plants are added to the game board. Your objective is to replace the plants in a single row of five or more plants to clear some space. The more plants in a single row the more points you get. Be aware there must be an ‘open’ path between the place you pick [Read More...]

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Gems – Online Puzzle Game


Gems an online puzzle game, is a variant of the world famous puzzle game Bejeweled.

The difference is in the shape of the gems. In Bejeweled the are in rows and columns and in Gems they are in a Hexagon shape where you have to try to match similar colored gems in groups of three or more (triangle shape). Every time you do that, you will get points and more time is added to the clock. Once you collect enough colored gems, try to match black gems to get to [Read More...]

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OrbMania – Online Puzzle Game


OrbMania is a simple but fun online Flash Puzzle Game by MaxGames.

You have to twist, turn and rotate three circles so you align different colored balls the same color of the center ball. Game controls are simple, use the arrow keys to rotate the circles and rows. Use the space bar to randomize the middle orb. Simple and fun for a (short) while. Happy Puzzling!


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Connect-it – Online Puzzle Game


Connect-it is a nice Flash puzzle game and is similar to Mahjong in some ways, but different in others.

Your main objective is to remove image pairs (with some kind of dog on it) and clear the game board of all the monkeys gets to the top of the vines at the left side of the screen. Pairs can only be removed if they have at least one open side and are a maximum of two turns away from each other.

There is an exception to this rule – if to identical [Read More...]

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K-Ball Puzzle


During a business trip to Paris I walked by a toy-store. From the outside it looked rather small. As usual I went inside to look for new puzzles and to my surprise I discovered a reasonable large toy store nearby the Champs-Élysées.

Inside the toystore I found the K-Ball Puzzle including and CD-rom. The K-Ball is available in three variations: K-8 (a 2x2x2 puzzle), K-27 (a 3x3x3 puzzle), and K-32 (a 2x2x2 with rotating face-centers). The K-Ball Puzzle I found is a K-8 (a 2x2x2 puzzle) version. Object is to twist and turn [Read More...]

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