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Delta Fusion is a Flash Puzzle Game which is not completely finished yet, but you can play it already online.

Object is to make triangle and hexagon shapes out of a single color to start a reaction. You have to use the arrow keys to control the board (left-arrow = rotate board counter clockwise and right arrow = rotate board clockwise) or the pieces (up-arrow = rotate piece clockwise and down-arrow = rotate piece counter clockwise). With the space bar you can pause the game.

While a reaction is in progress you may rotate the board may to tumble the pieces into forming new shapes. When several shapes are made in close proximity any triangles which are overlapped by two or more shapes are turned white. White triangles may be incorporated into a shape of any color, and the largest combos come from getting a huge number of white triangles. One hint for Delta Fusion: there is a shape which starts an infinite combo. Happy Puzzling!

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