Escape the Phone Boot

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A few days ago I blogged about a very simple escape the room puzzle game called Jail Escape. If you are up for the real work you definitely have to try Escape The Phone Boot. Although there are less Phone Boots can be found in the streets due to mobile phones.

Object (obviously )is to escape from The Phone Booth. As usual, there is no plot behind your encasement. All that matters is that you need to escape! The queue of items at your disposal is extremely limited, so you need to make the best of what you can in such a tight space.

This challenge makes good use of the telephone, which brings a new batch of audio puzzles to the point-and-click atmosphere. Unfortunately, this also means that you must be able to hear the audible content to advance within the game (negative points for accessibility).

One thing I dislike about Escape the Phone Boot is the arrow you have to use to point things, it does not feel very accurate, but for the rest it’s a brilliant puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!

[Via JayIsGames where you can also find a walkthrough for Escape The Phone Boot]

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