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Gear Puzzle is one of the games featuring in the Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Without any explanation it’s clear what the objective is of this simple but lovely Online  Puzzle Game.

A small blue character with big puppy-dog eyes catches sight of a pink character locked in a cage. The cage is chained to a gear suspended from the top of the screen. Pegs line the wall and various sized gears are scattered around. Helpless but heroic, the blue guy does the only thing he can to help: jumps on the gear across the room and starts spinning it.

Your job is to arrange gears on the pegs to transfer the motion across the room to lower the cage. There is more than one solution so you can experimenting with gear combinations, but you do have to put some thought into your actions.

The gears must come in contact with each other in order to keep the movement going. Gear Puzzle will keep you puzzling for a while. Happy Puzzling!

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