Isometric Sokoban Online Puzzle Game

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Next to the original Flash Puzzle Game Socoban (Japanese for Warehouse keeper), there is also a 3D version of this game called Isometric Sokoban. Socoban is a transport puzzle game first created in 1980.

Isometric Sokoban is a puzzle game where you must push boxes onto set squares. You can only push one box at a time, and you can’t pull, so be careful not to get then trapped (if you are trapped you can always reset the current level). There are in total 52 puzzles to solve. See if you can solve all 52 levels. The first 20 levels are sorted by difficulty, after that you can deal with fluctuations in difficulty. You have to use your the arrow to push the boxes around (controls are flippable). [via]

You can also play all original levels of Sokoban at our Online Puzzle pages. Happy Puzzling!

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