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Yesterday I received an email form MD about a weblog called Minidoku (from mini and Sudoku).

Minidoku’s are like Sudoku’s have a smaller grid (6×6), but harder to solve, they are deceptively simple, but can be quite tough.
Rules are as follows:
1) Standard Sudoku rules apply for rows and columns but not for blocks defined by solid line around a colored area.
2) Each solid block must add up to a value X and all blocks of the same color must add up to the same value X.
3) The sum value may be different for each color.
4) It’s possible for a number to be repeated in a block, as long as it doesn’t appear more than once in any row or column.

Lovely Sudoku’s for people who love Sudoku’s with a twist, and this time you’ll have to count numbers. Happy Puzzling!

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