Official Results World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2007

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At the website of World Cube Association you can find all official results of the 4th World Rubik’s Cube Championship held last weekend in Budapest, Hungary.

For all events you can find at the website the results of this years competition; Rubik’s Cube (4x4x4 Cube, 5x5x5 Cube, 2x2x2 Cube, 3x3x3 blindfolded, 3x3x3 one-handed, 3x3x3 with feet), Rubik’s Magic, Rubik’s Master Magic, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square-1, Rubik’s Clock, 4x4x4 blindfolded, 5x5x5 blindfolded and 3x3x3 multi blind. Happy Puzzling!

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