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PuzzPinball – Online Puzzle Game


PuzzPinball is an original Flash Puzzle Game which combines Pinball with a puzzle game.

Your object is to place the flippers, bumpers and ramps so the ball reach the target. It will take some trail and error to find out how the objects have to be placed, but after a few levels this will go much easier. Happy Puzzling!

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Sliding Block – Online Puzzle Game


Sliding Block is a nice designed Flash puzzle game and has similarities of Fifteen Puzzle and Rush Hour.

Object is to move the red block outside of the frame. Game-play is not really handy as you really have to drag and drop the block with your mouse if you want to move a block in stead of just clicking on them (like in a lot of other puzzles like fifteen puzzle). Happy Puzzling!


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Witchcraft – Halloween Mastermind


With Halloween coming up, more Halloween Puzzle Games pop up, next to Halloween Smash which is Bejeweled clone there is another Halloween Puzzle game called Witchcraft which is a Mastermind Clone in Halloween style.

The object of this puzzle game is to discover the secret spell that will lift the witch’s curse. You cast spells by placing your five cards on the table in a certain order. After you cast your spell the Spirit will give you hints by lighting candles next to your cards. An orange candle means one [Read More...]

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Chat Noir – Strategic Online Puzzle Game


Chat Noir is a small simple, small but nice strategic Flash Puzzle Game by Objective is to keep the black cat on the grid and let him not escape the grid. You can do this by strategic placing blocks on the grid which the cat can not pass. You need a bit of luck at the start of this puzzle game where a random number of blocks are already random placed on the grid. Happy puzzling with Chat Noir.


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Gear – Online Puzzle Game


Gear Puzzle is one of the games featuring in the Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Without any explanation it’s clear what the objective is of this simple but lovely Online  Puzzle Game.

A small blue character with big puppy-dog eyes catches sight of a pink character locked in a cage. The cage is chained to a gear suspended from the top of the screen. Pegs line the wall and various sized gears are scattered around. Helpless but heroic, the blue guy does the only thing he can to help: jumps on the gear across [Read More...]

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Reverse Engineering – Online Puzzle Game


Reverse Engineering is a lovely Flash puzzle game by Biometric Game Studios. This Puzzle game is called Reverse Engineering as accoording to Wikipedia Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device or object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation and that is exactly what you have to do to solve these 38 puzzles.

The goal is to make a perfect copy of the right window in the left one. You play in the left window and you can select blocks with the mouse my dragging [Read More...]

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Phantom Mansion – Online Puzzle Game


Phantom Mansion Spectrum of Souls is a Flash puzzle game where the player must guide a little boy called Hector through the rooms of the Phantom Mansion.

In this puzzle game Hector must find different keys to unlock locked doors, find the switches to make things happen and pull the boxes into the void to bridge gaps. Besides that Hector must avoid his enemies – such as skeletons and zombies and use scrolls to get help. Phantom Mansion Spectrum of Souls – The Red Chamber is the first chapter of the series. Happy Puzzling!


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