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Void Cube aka Puzzle Cube


The Jury’s Grand Price Winner of the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition is the Void Cube designed by Katsuhiko Okamoto.

The first thing you will notice is that there are no center cubes. Goal of Void Cube is to scramble the Void Cube, and then restore all faces, like Rubik’s Cube. In some cases, it will appear that there is no solution to this cube; it is a second puzzle to figure why this happens.

The cube is made of ABS resin. Happy Puzzling!

Update 1 : A video review of the [Read More...]

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Fox and Geese – Strategy Board Game


strategy board game Fox and Geese is the latest addition to my puzzle collection. This strategy puzzle game is made by Aarikka in Finland.

How to play the game? The fox (black pin) is placed in the middle of the board, and 13 geese (blank pins) are placed on one side of the board. The fox and geese can move to any empty space around them (also diagonally). The fox can jump over geese like in checkers, capturing them. Repeated jumps are possible. Unlike in Halatafl (and [Read More...]

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Manifold Online Puzzle Game


Manifold is a very nice Flash Puzzle Game which will keep you busy for a while although there could be more levels to solve. According to wikipedia a Manifold is an abstract mathematical space which, in a close-up view, resembles the spaces described by Euclidean geometry. In this Flash puzzle game you’ll have to run, jump and bend gravity to your will to cross dizzying heights and insurmountable slopes. They are no problem with the Gravitational Manifold Anomaly Device. Donít get mad, get GMAD! Game Instructions: Arrows or A, W, and [Read More...]

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Official Results World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2007


At the website of World Cube Association you can find all official results of the 4th World Rubik’s Cube Championship held last weekend in Budapest, Hungary.

For all events you can find at the website the results of this years competition; Rubik’s Cube (4x4x4 Cube, 5x5x5 Cube, 2x2x2 Cube, 3x3x3 blindfolded, 3x3x3 one-handed, 3x3x3 with feet), Rubik’s Magic, Rubik’s Master Magic, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square-1, Rubik’s Clock, 4x4x4 blindfolded, 5x5x5 blindfolded and 3x3x3 multi blind. Happy Puzzling!

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BSE – Online Puzzle Game


BSE is was a Flash Puzzle Game designed by Blauerlotus and is a Pengo Spin-off related to the BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) disease in Europe.

This time you will have to move cows around in a maze. Instructions are included in the game and are simple. Just use the arrow-keys to push cows around to the goal field. Walk and eat cheese, walk and drink milk to grow. And in case you made a mistake click the cuckoo’s clock to undo. Happy Puzzling!


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PLAY! Coffee Table


PLAY! consists of a collection of products that was conceived out of a desire to bring a sense of nostalgia and playfulness into the grown-up environment. Recognizable childhood motifs and patterns are reborn and re-molded into new designs for furniture, lighting, and home ware. The PLAY! Coffee Table has a slide-puzzle top. With each arrangement, the missing piece reveals one of sixteen storage boxes. Materials: Walnut veneered plywood, swivel castor’s and lacquer print. Designer: BCXSY

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That-A-Way The Patern Matching Arrow Game


That-A-Way is a domino puzzle game you can play online at It’s written in JavaScript (so make sure JavaScript is enabled) and does not work in FireFox (yet?).

To play That-A-Way you drag the domino tiles onto the main area of the board and combine them to match the challenge you have chosen. To choose a challenge, you must click on one of the arrows in the right bottom corner of the tile board. When you do this, a list of challenges will pop up; select one of these challenges, and it will appear on [Read More...]

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