The Runes – The World’s Greatest Puzzle

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The Runes is a mysterious set of about 300 new puzzles assembled across 27 colorful sheets. However, the amazing thing about The Runes is that the 300 puzzles link and work together to create more puzzles.

The Runes does not come with any instructions or answers. You really won’t find any text on the printed pages either. Solvers have to find their own path and confirm success themselves by how well things are fitting together.

If you get stuck, you can visit the newly created Runes Forum, which is free to purchasers of the puzzle. Here you can give and receive hints and help, record and compare your progress with other solvers, as well as discuss all aspects of the puzzle.

While the The Runes is extensive, it is designed to be solvable by the average puzzle enthusiast.
Some example puzzles can be found at the SmartKit website. The complete set of puzzles will cost you US$ 37 and can be ordered via the SmartKit website.

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