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ConFusebox – Online Puzzle Game


ConFusebox is very nice Flash Puzzle Game which is addictive to solve.

The object of ConFusebox is to connect up the entire board, lighting up all of the bulbs. The power source is the space with the lightning bolt. Piece that are connected to the lightning bolt turn yellow. All bulbs and all wires need to be connected, no part may be left unconnected.

To rotate pieces, click on them, Clicking on the right side of the piece rotates it clockwise. Clicking on the left side of a piece rotates it counterclockwise. A link to the solution of ConFusebox [Read More...]

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Muselock – Escape The Room Game


Muselock is another Escape the Room Puzzle game made in Flash.

Again your object is to escape the room. The puzzle game starts when you wake up dazed and confused in unfamiliar surroundings, locked up in a room which is going to require more than just turning a door knob in order to escape.

A nice puzzle for all point-and-click and room escape games fans. Muselock will keep you puzzling for quite a while. Enjoy.

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Rotation Online Puzzle Game


Rotation Puzzle is a great Flash Puzzle Game. Object of this great Flash puzzle is to arrange the creatures as shown at the right top. When clicking on a creature all six creatures around the on you click will move anti clockwise. You can only click creatures surrounded with six creatures. The start is easy but as you pass levels it will become more difficult. Very addictive puzzle game with s

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Blackmoon’s Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Blackmoon’s Puzzle is an online puzzle game variant of the famous Puzzle of Fifteen (a.k.a. Slide Game).

Puzzle of 15 has the basic rule that you only can move a slide into an empty slide. With Blackmoon’s Puzzle you can onlt to swap two puzzle pieces which make the very easy to solve the puzzle.

Even if this an easy puzzle it’s very user friendly and a nice variant to of Puzzle of fifteen. Enjoy Blackmoon’s Puzzle.


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Happy Bubbles – Online Puzzle Game


Happy Bubbles is a large variant of online Puzzle Game Lights Out.

In Happy Bubbles there are three different modes of difficulty (easy, hard, grueling). You start a game with some blue and red balls, your objective is to turn all balls in blue. As the puzzle grid is larger than the grid in Lights Out this is harder than it sounds.

Very addictive puzzle game which will keep you puzzling for a while. Happy Puzzling!


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Abstractica 3


Abstractica 3 is a collection of 545 incredible brain teasers (of course there is also Abstractica 2 available). The puzzles in Abstractica can be anything from code decryption tasks to image recognizing and from cryptograms to mathematical problems – you name it. This game truly requires you to think outside the box. It’s one of the most extensive puzzle-riddle challenges available anywhere. In order to solve the tasks, you will often need to utilize some external applications and information resources, like the Internet and an image editing application or even a sound recorder. For help, [Read More...]

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Disney Character Rubik’s Cube


At Disney’s Website there is an announcement for a Rubik’s Cube Demonstration for the 1st of December 2007. This event will take place in World of Disney California. And it’s not just a normal Rubik’s Cube Demonstration but a demonstration with as they call it – Disney Theme Park Edition Character Rubik’s Cube.

This special Rubik’s Cube has Disney Characters on five side (Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Stitch) and a picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

At the first of December 2007 between 1 and 4 pm you can witness an exciting exhibition of speed and skill [Read More...]

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