Abstractica 3

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Abstractica 3 is a collection of 545 incredible brain teasers (of course there is also Abstractica 2 available). The puzzles in Abstractica can be anything from code decryption tasks to image recognizing and from cryptograms to mathematical problems – you name it. This game truly requires you to think outside the box. It’s one of the most extensive puzzle-riddle challenges available anywhere.
In order to solve the tasks, you will often need to utilize some external applications and information resources, like the Internet and an image editing application or even a sound recorder. For help, there is a tip and an extra tip for each level that can be viewed. Tips are limited in number, however, so use them only when it’s necessary.

Abstractica 3 can be the most addictive game you’ve ever played. You will never know what the next task will be alike, but you’ll always want to see it. Try out the trail version of Abstractica 3 and see how far can you go in this puzzle challenge with 125 puzzles! You can also buy the complete version of Abstractica 3 for US$ 12 / Euro 8.5

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