Blobbit Push Puzzle Game

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After yesterdays Road Blocks 2 Puzzle game it’s today time for another variant of Pengo.

The story related to the puzzle game is simple:
Poor old Blobbit, has only gone and collided with an asteroid, forcing him to crash land on a nearby moon, narrowly escaping a visit to Blobbit heaven. This in itself would be bad enough but his cargo of Baby Blobbits have been thrown from his ship and have been scattered all over the place. So unless he can rescue them, repair his ship and get off this rock, things are going to get a whole lot worse! (pssst. Don’t mention the Vernimbs!)

Blobbit Push has 50 levels of Puzzle Action complete with detailed graphics and stupendous sound, from the team that brought you Blobbit Dash.
Game Instructions are simple. Use the arrow keys to move Blobbit, P = pauses, R = restarts level.
If you really like this game you can buy Blobbit Push Arcade Puzzle Game online via

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