Grid Rotate Puzzle

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Jim Blackler wrote a simple puzzle Flash puzzle game called Grid Rotate Puzzle. The idea is inspired by slide puzzle games (puzzle of fifteen) and Rubik’s Clock.

The objective of the Grid Rotate Puzzle is to return a grid of numbers to its original form by rotating individual 2 x 2 square bocks by 90 degrees. Hard to explain but give it a go, you’ll work it out quickly.

The grid starts out straight. You can scramble it yourself or hit the ‘Spin’ button and have it done for you (hit it again to stop the scrambling). You can also experiment with using the slider to create grids of different sizes.

It is worth pointing out something though. When Jim came up with the idea he thought that it would be about as difficult to complete as a standard slide puzzle. Wrong. It seems very, very difficult. Happy Puzzling!

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