Hoshi Saga (a simple looking Flash puzzle game created by Yoshio Ishii) has a successor called Hoshi Saga 2 (Hoshi Saga means Search a Star in Japanese). Also in the second version there are little to no instructions given.

The object of this puzzle game is to discover a star covered in each of the 36 stages. That’s all you get, as said it look and sound simple but the truth is different. It’s a game of trial and discovery. Your clicks will do something different in each stage. And, yes, there is always a star to be found.

All 36 stages in Hoshi Sage are all given a rating, and a general rule of thumb seems to be that the higher the rating, the more difficult the stage. To play all 36 stages you have to solve first 25 stages to unlock eleven other stages. Just use your ‘Point and Click’ skills to collect the 36 stars. If you’re stuck you can return later to solve the other levels, an automatic save function allows you to return later. I will not spoil the fun by publishing the walkthrough for Hoshi Saga.

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