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Road Blocks 2 is a funny game name for a cool online puzzle game. It’s a variant of the famous Pengo Arcade Game back in 1982. Road Blocks 2 is made by Mike Gagnon and offers four different lay-outs and levels of this puzzle game. There is Clunky, Just For Fun, Way To Easy and Fun in Space. My favorite is Just For Fun where puzzles are just mixed with complex looking puzzles which are simple to solve. But the first time you see them you’ll think “how can I solve this puzzle?

Object is that you have to follow a particular path to get to get the black ball into your target (red basket) and avoid road blocks on the way, as they will set you back. Different kind of objects block your way or will help you to solve the puzzle (the move, break after a few hits etc.). Good luck in enjoy this fun Road Blocks 2 puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!

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