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Isora – Online Puzzle Game


Isora is small Flash puzzle game based on the classic Gameboy game ‘Pyramids of Ra’.

Object of Isora is to clear the map by stepping on every tile and returning to the red one before time runs out. Control your block with the arrow keys, press the space bar to return to the menu. There are 40 levels, see if you can complete them all. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Enjoy also Isora 3


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Rigby Online Puzzle Game


Via Kongregate I found a small and simple Flash Game called Rigby of which I think it’s also some kind of puzzle game.

Object is simple like the rest of the game: Help Rigby to destroy the pesky blocks disturbing the aesthetics of his perfect, curvy kingdom. Game Instructions: Left and right to move, hold space bar or up key to jump.

For Rigby you need to figure out how to destroy all blocks. You need them in a short time frame and sometimes hit them twice. Also there are some blocks you must [Read More...]

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Red Beard’s Walk The Plank – Wooden Puzzle


One of the latest addition to my puzzle collection is a very nice version of a wooden puzzle called Red Beard’s Walk The Plank.

This wooden version of Red Beard’s Walk The Plank (aka High Seas Puzzle) by Authentic Models Inc. comes in very nice printed hard carton box including a sand timer. I can’t wait to find more of these kind of puzzles instead of puzzle you can hardly get out of their plastic wrapping.

Object: From the deck of his infamous galleon Red Beard ruled the [Read More...]

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Kaboozle – The Labyrinth Puzzle


Yesterday I found in a local toys store some puzzles by Transposer. One of them is called Kaboolze – The Labyrinth Puzzle which is of course added to my puzzle collection.

The labyrinth puzzle consist of four double sided cards with colored parts of a labyrinth and some open spaces. Object is to layer the cards up to interconnect the the colored corners by a continuous path of the same color.

There are in total 10 solutions. One solutions for each [Read More...]

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Sudoku Slam


For all Sudoku lovers I found a great Sudoku website with a lot of different Sudoku’s for free. The website is called Sudoku Slam and offers not only different levels of Sudoku (Easy, Medium, Hard) but also several types of help which can be used like ‘Auto-fill in obvious numbers’ and ‘Disallow incorrect moves’. The function I like the most is ‘Highlight Candidates’, when you click on a number all the places on the board where the number could go are highlighted. This function can be used in many ways. The simplest is [Read More...]

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Full Hex – Online Puzzle Game


Full Hex is a nice online puzzle game, original designed by Erich Friedman.

The objective of Full Hex is to pass through each blank hex. The direction can only change when you hit an already marked hex with a black dot or a hex that contains part of the path so far, or the edge of the grid.

You can click ‘restart’ anytime if you are stuck and want to give Full hex another try. Happy Puzzling!


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Ledix Online Puzzle Game


Ledix is a small Flash puzzle game by Lightforce and is a Pengo / Sokoban like box moving puzzle game.

Your goal is to push boxes on correct positions marked with a star. Small levels but can be delightfully tricky and surprisingly difficult to solve. Use keyboard arrows to move the boxes around. Don’t forget that every level has a solution. You can reset a level anytime by pressing the ‘ctrl’ key. Happy Puzzling!


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