2007 Top 10 Puzzle Game Developers

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At Free Games News you can vote for this year’s best Puzzle Game Developer. The top 10 list of games you can choose from were almost all being discussed here at Passion for Puzzles. The list of best puzzle games (developers) consist of:
Loose the Moose by Bart Bonte
Bloxorz by Damien Clarke
– Game Pure
– Stephen Harris (Bloons)
– Yoshio Ishii (Hoshi Saga and Hoshi Saga 2)
– Taro Ito (Chat Noir)
– Michael Le (Jelly Blocks)
– Preloaded (LaunchBall)
– Adam Schroeder (Sola Rola)

Don’t forget to vote for this years best Puzzle Game Developer as they enable us to play so many very addictive puzzle games!

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