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Via SWF Spot, a website for fun with Flash, I found the best Flash Puzzle game I’ve played in months, called Combs.

Object is to match the colors to form a hexagon shape (called a TriComb). You can rotate Combs by clicking on a them (the comb then rotates 120 degrees clockwise). It’s also possible to create a MegaComb, this happens when a just created TriComb breaks off and falls down in a comb (with the same color) below.

My experience is to keep the game board as clean as possible, otherwise you are not able anymore to recognize any comb and it becomes more difficult to click on a Comb to create a TriComb. Especially when you get further in the game and more colors are added (you start with just three colors; green, blue and red).

A great and addictive game which will keep you puzzling for hours and hours.

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