Dao Board Game

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Dao game look simple to the eye, but takes perhaps a lifetime in mastering. Dao is a pure game of strategy that plays out with opposing sets of four pieces on a 4 x 4 playing square. At each turn, move any one piece in any direction of your choosing-vertically, horizontally, or diagonally-as far as you can go until you reach the end of a playing square or another play piece. Win by arranging your pieces in a vertical or horizontal line, by occupying a 2 x 2 square, by occupying all four corners, or by becoming trapped in any one corner by three of your opponent’s pieces. This elegant, endlessly challenging game is great for all ages 8 and up, and includes game mat, 8 play pieces and drawstring sack, instructions, storage tube, and game tin. Dao Game is available from Amazon.

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