Kaboozle – The Labyrinth Puzzle

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Yesterday I found in a local toys store some puzzles by Transposer. One of them is called Kaboolze – The Labyrinth Puzzle which is of course added to my puzzle collection.

The labyrinth puzzle consist of four double sided cards with colored parts of a labyrinth and some open spaces. Object is to layer the cards up to interconnect the the colored corners by a continuous path of the same color.

There are in total 10 solutions. One solutions for each of the four colors correct connecting on only one side and there are six more solutions for connection the correct colors on both sides.

The puzzle looks like the Trixxy Puzzle, only difference is that this puzzle has a colored path to solve in stead of one colored square on both sides.

If you are interested in Kaboozle you can also buy this labyrinth puzzle online via the Transposer website.

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