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Cipher Puzzle Game (also for your Chumby)


Cipher is a challenging memory puzzle game for your Chumby, but if you don’t have a Chumby you can also play it online.

For the people who don’t know what a Chumby is a short introduction. A Chumby is a compact device that displays useful and entertaining information from the internet using your wireless internet connection. It’s always on, it shows nonstop what’s online that matters to you [more at Chumby website].

Back to the puzzle game; Cipher is a mix of classic Mastermind and [Read More...]

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The Domino Knight – Online Puzzle Game


The Domino Knight is a small domino based Flash Puzzle Game I found via

Object is to drag and drop the domino tiles according to the regular domino rules from the conveyor belt on the left side of the screen onto the game board.

You can rotate the domino tiles by using the scroll wheel of your mouse or by pressing the space bar. Use the hammer to smash a tile on the conveyor belt or game board to destroy it. Drop tiles you don’t need in to the trash bin.

If you use the fields on the game [Read More...]

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Factory Balls – Online Puzzle Game


Via I found another Flash Puzzle Game by Bart Bonte (from Belgium) called Factory Balls.

Object is to drag and drop a ball from the tumbler, over the tools in the right order to produce the physics of the ball as shown in the brown box. Each level different tools are available, like different colors of paint, a pump, airbrush etc. If you mess up you can drop a ball in the recycle bin, but be careful, you have only 17 balls to complete all 14 levels.

Factory Balls is a fun [Read More...]

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Wanted : Santa – Puzzle Game


Wanted : Santa is a Christmas themed adventure / puzzle game. You must help a little boy to reach Santa’s factory by jumping on the clouds and collect all the gifts and avoiding the bombs.

In each level you must jump from one cloud to another and reach the ladder at the right top in each level to proceed to unlock the next level. Watch out for the traps and threats along the way. Also, be careful as you make your way, the clouds will disappear after you jump on them. Collect [Read More...]

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Online Sudoku for Kids


Via I found a nice online version of Sudoku for kids.

The Sudoku grid is 4×4 and has four colored squares of 2×2. For this Sudoku you’ll only have to use the digits 1 to 4. Each row, columns and colored square must contain one of each digit.

This kids version of Sudoku has three levels (easy, standard and difficult) and hasn’t (as far I found out) an unique solution for each puzzle as in original Sudoku’s.


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Yoku Ruta – Online Puzzle Game


Yoku Ruta is a nice Flash Puzzle Game like Pengo, only this time you will have to move blocks so you can get the key into the lock. There are different kind of blocks which all have a different kind of purpose. For you to find out how to use them within the time set to solve each level (30 seconds).

Use the arrow key to move around and press the space-bar to restart a level again. Sometimes you really have to find out how to solve each level and sometimes you got to be creative.

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Enigma Puzzle Game


Enigma is an addictive puzzle game which is a re-invention of the discontinued puzzle game Oxyd. This new version of Oxyd has hundreds of levels and improved graphics.

The game principle of Enigma is simple: uncover pairs of stones as in the “Concentration” (also known as Memory or Pairs) board game. This sound simple but is isn’t. You will first have to reach these stones. Your actor is a black marble controlled via the mouse – and influenced heavily by physics. Different floors show different friction properties, blocks might need a good bump to [Read More...]

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