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Rising Star – Mathematical Puzzle


Via I found an interesting mathematical puzzle game called Rising Star.

The challenge of this mathematical puzzle is to enter a different number in each of the 21 circle (from 1 through 21) so that the sum of the digits in any straight line is the same.

If you really like this puzzle you can also find a printer friendly version of this puzzle at the website (please consider our environment before printing). Happy Puzzling!

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Santa’s Escape


Via GamesHandbook you can play this lovely Christmas themed Escape The Room puzzle game called Santa’s Escape.

In this puzzle game Santa is kidnapped and you have to help Santa to escape before Christmas. Search around to find items you can use the help Santa to escape and use them at the right moment in the game. Good luck and have fun!

Happy puzzling and find Santa in time and help him escape so he won’t miss Christmas !

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Andy Warhol Jigsaw Puzzles


Via Amazon you can buy two Andy Warhol jigsaw puzzles. Andy Warhol is a 20th century Pop Culture artist which became famous after a successful career as a commercial illustrator, a painter, an avant-garde filmmaker, a record producer and as an author.

Two famous images comes to life in this new series of stylish collector jigsaw puzzles. The first puzzle is a Marilyn Monroe Jigsaw Puzzle of 500 pieces and measures 19″ x 19″ and the second jigsaw puzzle is an Andy Warhol Jigsaw Puzzle called ‘Shoes’ of 550 [Read More...]

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Push-It Online Puzzle Game


Via Free Online Games I found yet another Pengo look-a-like Flash puzzle game called Push-It.

Object of Push-It is to push the boxes into the designated colored areas. You can’t push two or more boxes at once. If you ever make a wrong move or get stuck you can always restart a level. Use the arrow keys to move around. There are 30 levels and you can also create your own game map.

Push-It is nice and offers enough levels to solve, but I can’t get used to using the arrow keys to move around [Read More...]

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Rainbow Box – Online Puzzle


Via Puzzle Monster I found a nice little online puzzle game called Rainbow Box.

This puzzle game doesn’t only looks like the Tetris variant of this puzzle game called Color Box, but also the basics of Rainbow Box are the same as Color Box.

Object is to match the pattern of Rainbow Box (shown at the left) by selecting a color for each of the sixteen white squares (at the right side). Be careful, adding a color to any square may also affect adjacent squares!

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Santa’s Chimney Trouble – Escape The Room


Sugar Free Games offers a Christmas themed Escape The Room (or should it be Escape The Chimney) Puzzle Game called Santa’s Chimney Trouble.

The story starts with Santa who is about to enter through the chimney and bring presents to the kids, but there’s one problem: no one actually uses the fireplace and it is not connected to the chimney. Your object is to build blocks to connect the chimney to the fireplace and don’t let Santa get out of the pipeline. To build a block, click on a free space in the game area, To [Read More...]

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Slidon Online Puzzle Game


Slidon is a fun Flash puzzle game by NekoGames and looks like MahJong.

Object of Slidon is to slide the same blocks together and then remove them. Remove all the game pieces to complete the each level.  Happy Puzzling!


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