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Play Rubik’s Revolution Online


Via the Rubik’s Revolution website you can not only read more about the six different puzzles you can solve with the latest Rubik’s Cube called Rubik’s Revolution but also play two of the six puzzles online. The two puzzles you can play online are Code Cracker and Light speed.

The object of Code Cracker is rotate the cube (with the arrow keys) and light all six colors in the correct order. To find the first color in the code, rotate the cube and press the space bar – try any color. If you are right [Read More...]

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Timebot – Online Puzzle Game


Timebot is an amazing Flash puzzle game of controlling time and getting your past self to let you through doors. This sounds a bit confusing but give it a try and you will know for sure what I mean. For Timebot you really need to develop a strategy and all your puzzle skills.Use the arrow keys to move the robot around the level. Stand on switches (squares) to activate doors and bridges. Press space bar to jump back in time to when the level started. You will see the past version of the robot. There is a set of numbers [Read More...]

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Dao Board Game


Dao game look simple to the eye, but takes perhaps a lifetime in mastering. Dao is a pure game of strategy that plays out with opposing sets of four pieces on a 4 x 4 playing square. At each turn, move any one piece in any direction of your choosing-vertically, horizontally, or diagonally-as far as you can go until you reach the end of a playing square or another play piece. Win by arranging your pieces in a vertical or horizontal line, by occupying a 2 x 2 square, by occupying all four corners, or by becoming trapped in any [Read More...]

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Stella Artrois – Le Courage


Le Courage – Challenge The World of 1366 is a very nice Flash adventures / advertisement by beer brewery Stella Artois. Therefor this Flash puzzle quest can only be played if your are of legal drinking age.

Jack from the Stella Artois Blog sent me an email last week to inform me about Le Courage. It’s full of flash games and cinematic content that challenge the mind. Although it’s more an adventure than a real puzzle game it’s really formidable, as you are whisked back to 1366 on a cinematic quest to brew [Read More...]

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