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Today I received an email from Mike about a new puzzle game he designed for Windows , which is a conversion of a mobile puzzle game. You can download the Windows installer for Perplex via his website MegaDev by clicking on the cloud. Although this puzzle game is in Beta and is not completely ready (e.g. music has still to be replaces) you can download the game by clicking on the cloud on the home page of MegaDev, or you can download it directly here.

It’s almost like the most famous puzzle game Bejeweled but in Perplex you will have to select at least three or more ‘Blobs’ which are connected horizontally or vertically by carefully move your mouse over the “blob’s”. There are also some wild card ‘Blobs’ which are colored like a rainbow and can be used for any color you need to create a long link of ‘Blobs’. Bombs destroys all nearby ‘Blobs’ and skulls. Clicking ‘Stars’ clear the board with all ‘Blobs’ of the same color and skulls can’t be linked.

Perplex is a very addictive puzzle game which would be even better and more accessible when it could be played online in Flash. But don’t let this keep you from downloading Perplex. Happy passionate puzzling !

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