Red Beard’s Walk The Plank – Wooden Puzzle

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One of the latest addition to my puzzle collection is a very nice version of a wooden puzzle called Red Beard’s Walk The Plank.

This wooden version of Red Beard’s Walk The Plank (aka High Seas Puzzle) by Authentic Models Inc. comes in very nice printed hard carton box including a sand timer. I can’t wait to find more of these kind of puzzles instead of puzzle you can hardly get out of their plastic wrapping.

Object: From the deck of his infamous galleon Red Beard ruled the sea. Captured sailors had one choice. Solve the puzzle or walk the plank. If you solve the puzzle within 2 minutes your life is spared, if you solve the puzzle within four minutes ‘galley slave for life’ and if you solve this wooden puzzle in more than four minutes you walk the plank.

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