Santa’s Chimney Trouble – Escape The Room

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Sugar Free Games offers a Christmas themed Escape The Room (or should it be Escape The Chimney) Puzzle Game called Santa’s Chimney Trouble.

The story starts with Santa who is about to enter through the chimney and bring presents to the kids, but there’s one problem: no one actually uses the fireplace and it is not connected to the chimney. Your object is to build blocks to connect the chimney to the fireplace and don’t let Santa get out of the pipeline. To build a block, click on a free space in the game area, To scroll the game area use your mouse wheel or the up/down arrow keys. To destroy a block just click the bulldozer icon in the bottom right corner and then click the block you want to destroy (to cancel click the bulldozer icon again).

To begin you can start with the shortest way by connecting the building blocks but from level two onwards you need at least to create some kind of maze to let Santa reach the fireplace. Santa’s Chimney Trouble has in total ten levels to solve and is a nice Christmas themed puzzle game which will keep you busy a while but also leave you with some time to buy Christmas presents yourself. Happy Puzzling

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