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For all Sudoku lovers I found a great Sudoku website with a lot of different Sudoku’s for free. The website is called Sudoku Slam and offers not only different levels of Sudoku (Easy, Medium, Hard) but also several types of help which can be used like ‘Auto-fill in obvious numbers’ and ‘Disallow incorrect moves’. The function I like the most is ‘Highlight Candidates’, when you click on a number all the places on the board where the number could go are highlighted. This function can be used in many ways. The simplest is to find any row, column, or box with only one highlighted square for a number. That square is where the number has to go.

More useful options are:
– save / share
– print to pdf format (for easy printing).

Sudoku Slam not only gives you the opportunity to solve Sudoku’s for free but also the way you like to solve Sudoku’s. Of course you can also try another way to solve your favorite Sudoku puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

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