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Mooble Flash Mastermind Clone


Mooble is a Flash clone of the original puzzle game Mastermind.

Next to the original mastermind option there are some new features and fun game play attributes. You can play Mooble online. Happy Puzzling!

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Hexiom – Online Puzzle Game


Hexiom is a lovely and very nice Flash Puzzle Game.

Object of Hexiom is to arrange all tiles in such a way that they are adjacent to exactly the number of other tiles as they are showing.

Game play is easy as you just have to drag and drop the tiles in the right position of the hexagon. Can you make it through all 40 levels of Hexiom? Happy Puzzling!


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Isometric Sokoban Online Puzzle Game


Next to the original Flash Puzzle Game Socoban (Japanese for Warehouse keeper), there is also a 3D version of this game called Isometric Sokoban. Socoban is a transport puzzle game first created in 1980.

Isometric Sokoban is a puzzle game where you must push boxes onto set squares. You can only push one box at a time, and you can’t pull, so be careful not to get then trapped (if you are trapped you can always reset the current level). There are in total 52 puzzles to solve. See [Read More...]

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Portal Puzzle Game – Flash Version


For those of you looking for more levels for Valve’s hit puzzle game Portal or those of you who just want to play a fun online puzzle game), there is now a Flash version of Portal.

Game description: You may have noticed that this morning, you woke up in a very strange location. Your task today is to find your way to the exit door, and go through it, alive. You may not be able to complete this task using your body only, but thanks to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device [Read More...]

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Escape the Phone Boot


A few days ago I blogged about a very simple escape the room puzzle game called Jail Escape. If you are up for the real work you definitely have to try Escape The Phone Boot. Although there are less Phone Boots can be found in the streets due to mobile phones.

Object (obviously )is to escape from The Phone Booth. As usual, there is no plot behind your encasement. All that matters is that you need to escape! The queue of items at your disposal is extremely limited, so you need [Read More...]

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Meet Will Shortz


Gregory left a comment on this puzzle weblog about an opportunity to meet the world famous Will Shortz. Most of you will know Will Shortz from his Wordplay Book or Wordplay DVD.

This time Will Shortz, editor of The New York Times Crossword Puzzle and Puzzlemaster on NPR’s Weekend Edition, will present an evening of puzzles and fun at the Flourtown Country Club in Springfield Township, Montgomery County. Mr. Shortz will host the Springfield event with his long-time friend Doug Heller, who is running for Commissioner in Springfield. Heller has [Read More...]

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Jail Escape – Escape The Room Game


Jail Escape is a very simple ‘point and click’ / ‘escape the room’ puzzle game.

For people who never played an ‘escape the room’ puzzle game this is a nice start to see if you like this kind of puzzles. If you are a more experienced ‘escape the room’ puzzles then you can try to solve this puzzle game as fast as possible and with a minimum of clicks.

Object of Escape Jail is to try and find your way out of the jail cell by using your brain and thinking logically. Happy Puzzling!

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