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Tetroku for iPod


Tetroku is a game for the iPhone and the iPod. It’s a pulse racing puzzle adventure of strategy based on Sudoku and Tetris.

You will have to position the blocks as they fall so that the numbers do not appear in the same row, column or box. The strategic placement of ‘wild’ (?), ‘random’ blocks and the formation of the ‘slice bonus’ will help you complete the grid of 81 squares.

Hand eye coordination is more valued than mathematical ability. No adding skills needed. It’s hard to stop playing! You can buy Tetroku via the iGiki website. [Read More...]

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Delta Fusion – Online Puzzle Game


Delta Fusion is a Flash Puzzle Game which is not completely finished yet, but you can play it already online.

Object is to make triangle and hexagon shapes out of a single color to start a reaction. You have to use the arrow keys to control the board (left-arrow = rotate board counter clockwise and right arrow = rotate board clockwise) or the pieces (up-arrow = rotate piece clockwise and down-arrow = rotate piece counter clockwise). With the space bar you can pause the game.

While a reaction is in progress you may rotate the board may to tumble the [Read More...]

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Sudoku Ball


Lensoft Intl. Ltd together with Mobile Excellence B.V. developed the Sudoku Ball which was originally invented by Dutchman Hans van Briemen. Some brilliant Vietnamese programmers & designers did the coding.The Sudoku Ball puzzle is an interesting and unique variant on the Sudoku samurai. The game has 14 Sudoku’s which are linked together in all directions (360 degrees) on a ball. The ball can be played online for free. Also the production of the PVC Sudoku balls will start. To have an idea of the Sudoku Ball you can have a look at some pictures at [Read More...]

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Ring Pass Not Puzzle Game


Ring Pass Not is a lovely Flash puzzle game by Sandhill Games with 30 puzzles to solve.

Object of Ring Pass Not is to drag the tiles shown at the left into the magic ring to prevent the dragon from incinerating you. This puzzle requires some thought. The first level is easy as there are less restrictions (just matching symbols).

Later on you have to match also colors next to the symbols. You can score bonus tools and power-ups by completing special combos of tiles. Collecting these tools will help you advance further in this game.

[Read More...]

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The Runes – The World’s Greatest Puzzle


The Runes is a mysterious set of about 300 new puzzles assembled across 27 colorful sheets. However, the amazing thing about The Runes is that the 300 puzzles link and work together to create more puzzles.

The Runes does not come with any instructions or answers. You really won’t find any text on the printed pages either. Solvers have to find their own path and confirm success themselves by how well things are fitting together.

If you get stuck, you can visit the newly created Runes Forum, which is free to purchasers of the puzzle. Here you can give and [Read More...]

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Void Cube aka Puzzle Cube


The Jury’s Grand Price Winner of the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition is the Void Cube designed by Katsuhiko Okamoto.

The first thing you will notice is that there are no center cubes. Goal of Void Cube is to scramble the Void Cube, and then restore all faces, like Rubik’s Cube. In some cases, it will appear that there is no solution to this cube; it is a second puzzle to figure why this happens.

The cube is made of ABS resin. Happy Puzzling!

Update 1 : A video review of the [Read More...]

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Fox and Geese – Strategy Board Game


strategy board game Fox and Geese is the latest addition to my puzzle collection. This strategy puzzle game is made by Aarikka in Finland.

How to play the game? The fox (black pin) is placed in the middle of the board, and 13 geese (blank pins) are placed on one side of the board. The fox and geese can move to any empty space around them (also diagonally). The fox can jump over geese like in checkers, capturing them. Repeated jumps are possible. Unlike in Halatafl (and [Read More...]

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