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Lego City – Online Maze Puzzle Game


At you can find a puzzle based driving game for kids. Lego City Game features a city made from Lego.

Object is to drive your emergency car through Lego City and help to solve the problem (robbery, fire etc.). Simple but addictive puzzle games for kids where they have to find the route to the place where the emergency happens.

You can also call Lego City Game a Lego maze build with Lego City.

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Cube-It – Online Puzzle Game


If you liked Online Puzzle Game Bloxorz you will probably also like Cube-It.

Just like Bloxorz, Cube-It (aka Red Square) is a simple but very addictive puzzle game. The aim of Flash Puzzle Game Cube-It is to move the green cube around each level by clicking on any cube next to it.

There are different colors of cubes which do different things. The Red cubes will fall down after you have moved of them. Keep your green cube moving around the level until you have made all red cubes fall down.

Cube-It [Read More...]

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Book of Curious and Interesting Puzzles


Book of Curious and Interesting Puzzles is a lovely collection of puzzles by a bestselling author consists of more than 560 puzzles from around the world and throughout history.

Only a familiarity with elementary algebra and geometry is needed, and complete answers appear at the end.

This lovely puzzle book of 400 pages and 382 illustrations is published by Dover Publications and available from Amazon.


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RWY Online Puzzle Game


Via JayIsGames I found a simple Flash puzzle game called ‘Red White Yellow’ which I will call RWY.

RWY shows again that something simple and basic can be very interesting. I like this puzzle game very much though it’s just another variant of Tetris. Your objective is to create groups of 6 or more block of the same color. But you must create the blocks is order as indicated on the right top of the screen. If you create a group of 6 or more blocks of the wrong color, the blocks will become [Read More...]

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Nueve – Design Puzzle


No right answer or winning move, Nueve is designed solely to artfully amuse and entertain. Unlike traditional puzzles or games with only one solution or outcome, Nueve offers countless beginnings and endings. Nueve’s set of handcrafted wooden cubes can be assembled in any combination to create billions of different patterns (68, 719, 476, 736 possible combinations). There is not right answer or winning move. Nueve is designed solely to liberate your perception, challenge your creativity and delight your soul.

Nueve is made of hardwood and silk-screened in red, the nine cubes are held in a black MDF tray. Each cube [Read More...]

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Cella Puzzle


Just like Cubicus Puzzle, Cella Puzzle is another beautiful design puzzle by Peer Clahsen.

The Cella Puzzle consists of nine divisible shells that fit into each other to make chambers and rooms, flowers and leaves. Cella is made of sustainable-harvested maple wood and painted with non-toxic paints. The puzzle is made by Naef Spiele AG from Switzerland, which are known worldwide for their extreme precision and quality in manufacturing. Happy Puzzling!


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Rome Puzzle


Rome – the greatest, most known, legendariest city for all times. You have the rare chance to manage Ancient Rome, develop it and lead to greatness!

Rome Puzzle is the unique combination of a puzzle and city management; in this game you should solve weight of puzzles and develop settlement into the real heart of the ancient world. Start with purchasing of a fountain and a tavern, make a choice between a watermill and a blacksmith, earn money, construct larger buildings, and then… You can construct the Colosseum, erect the Pantheon and pass a way from the [Read More...]

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