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Circle Sum Sudoku


Josh from created a new puzzle again. It’s a Sudoku variation that Josh calls Circle Sum Sudoku.

It’s basically a cross between Sudoku and Kakuro. The idea was to have a Sudoku grid where the clues are unknown to start. This gave Josh the idea of having a Kakuro like puzzle to determine the clues. The result Cirlce Sum Sudoku. At Puzzlinks you can read how to solve Circle Sum Sudoku including the solution.

Enjoy Circle Sum Sudoku and thanks to Josh for another beautiful puzzle.


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Pentomino Puzzle


At Mt Baker Puzzle Books the have some fine wooden Pentomino Puzzles, handcrafted from a different type of native northwest of America wood (like walnut, cherry, maple and much more) by Stan and Connie Bookman.

A pentomino is a shape created by joining five equal size squares at their edges. There are twelve possible combination’s and there are several thousand ways to assemble these twelve pieces into rectangles.

Next to the fact that these pentomino puzzles are handcrafted they come also in a very nice wooden cover which makes this an ideal present.

For a [Read More...]

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Amazing Mazes by Joe


You probably never heard of Joe Barzantny, but his work is world famous. Joe amazed already at an early stage in his life his parents and friends with his very organized and artistic displays all over the floors or on tabletops.

In his young primary years, Joey’s teachers kept bringing to his mom’s attention that her son scored so high on maze testing that he was off the charts. He also placed high in analytical/mathematical/spatial tests. And this came despite the fact that he exhibited signs of attention deficit disorder, being easily distracted and having difficulty concentrating. He was a [Read More...]

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The New York Times Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle


This is the custom jigsaw puzzle created for you when you select any inclusive date from 1888 to 2001 from the front page of the New York Times.

A 400-piece jigsaw puzzle kit is created from quality 1.5mm millboard and delivered in a gift box that includes an area for a personalized message, or if shipped directly as a gift to a recipient, your message will appear on an included slip .

The center piece of each puzzle is shaped like an open newspaper, and the completed puzzle reproduces the page to the approximate size of the original at 18 [Read More...]

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World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle


Next to the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle of 24,000 jigsaw pieces there is also the world’s largest crossword puzzle. If you love crosswords you can now enjoy this one.

This is the World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle that broke the 1996 Guinness record. This crossword hangs on a full seven feet by seven feet of wall space and has 28,000 clues for over 91,000 squares.

This crossword puzzle comes with a 100-page clue book that has no repeats and will provide you with hints to help you complete it. The puzzle grid and the 4- by 4-foot answer grid are printed [Read More...]

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Happy Lines


Happy Lines is the new engaging puzzle game with simple rules, intellectual tasks and captivating gameplay for your Smartphone/PDA. There are several different game modes, and the constantly increasing difficulty won’t let your attention drop, even for a minute.

Happy Lines is all you need to help pass the time, entertain yourself and even test your intelligence and intuition. Happy Lines offers an ideal mix of arcade and logical elements, a variety of levels, colorful graphics, ambient music, several game modes and a lot of diverse and amusing features.

It’s impossible to stop yourself from falling in love with Happy [Read More...]

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Slitherlink Finally Successful?


Slitherlink is another Japanese puzzle like Sudoku. It has only three simple basic rules, but can be devilishly devious. But the question is will Slitherlink finally be successful? According to the statistics of my website the number of page views for my Slitherlink pages increase enormous (last week +300%). So will this be the breakthrough of Slitherlink? I hope so because Slitherlink is still one of my favorite puzzles.

For the people who are not familiar with Slitherlink a small wrap up. The three rules for Slitherlink are: 1. Connect dots with vertical / horizontal line and make one loop, 2. [Read More...]

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