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Loose the Moose – Escape The Room


Loose the Moose is the latest point-and-click / escape-the-room puzzle game by game designer Bart Bonte and just released.

As with most other games like it, the premise is a simple one: you’re in a room, you need to get out. You will have to be observant and think logically to solve puzzles that lead you to your escape.

If you get stuck, there will be help provided in the comments before long. Perhaps even a walk-through for those that get lost along the way. Loose the Moose can be found at Bart Bonte’s website from [Read More...]

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Add ‘em Up Flash Puzzle


Blue Bug Games offers you some smart puzzle games. One of them is the Flash puzzle game “Add ‘em Up”.

Object is to place your numbered tile (on the top of the list on the rights) on the board so that all surrounding tiles add up to that value. If the value is more than 9 you only take the last figure into account (so 14 will be 4). If they add up, the tiles will be removed. The goal is to clear all of the tiles from the board. There is a classic mode where you have to clear [Read More...]

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How To Solve Any Sudoku Video


At I found a video called “Tips on how to solve any Sudoku puzzle”, Posted by kimberlyredcup22.

The video describe how to solve any Sudoku puzzle with the use of Excel or any other spreadsheet program. There is only one mistake they made at the end (around 1m34 they remove the a nine in one of the cells in the upper right square (3×3), and also the nine in the corresponding row and column, but they forget to remove the nine in the other cells in the upper right square.

The video visualize at least how this [Read More...]

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Lunch Puzzle Deluxe


Lunch Puzzle Deluxe it is bright representative new generation of puzzle games. This puzzle game difference from standard puzzle games there is now you get more than one puzzle game.

Base task of the Lunch Puzzle Deluxe conclude 3 game modes. In each game mode you need feed hungry but funny monster and you can do it different ways. You can broke chips on game screen by moving them to create vertical or horizontal row. Or you can feed our monster by connecting chip in pairs on the screen. Also difference last game mode from first there is you may [Read More...]

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Atome Online Puzzle Game


At Bliesch dot com (a company which thinks about digital media and information technologies and put the results into practice) you can find a nice Flash Puzzle Game called Atome.

Although the game is in German it should not be a problem for you to play. All you have to do is to put all the atom’s together to create a molecule. Atoms of the same color can not be connected. The start is easy but it becomes more and more difficult each level.

Atome is a variant of the well known puzzle game [Read More...]

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Facebook Puzzles


Facebook is a well known social utility that connects you with the people around you. It’s made up of many networks, each based around a workplace, region, high school or college. But this is not where this is all about.

At Facebook’s Job page there is a page with some puzzles for people who love to program puzzles (and so does Facebook). They say they will try to post but until know only seven puzzles are posted (Superpatterns, Korn Shell, Easy Puzzle Mountain, Prime Bits, PHP Optimize This!, Outbreak, Evil Gambling Monster). They give you the option to [Read More...]

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The Hidden Logic of Sudoku


The Hidden Logic of Sudoku, a book by Denis Berthier, provides stimulating new insights into the popular game. It proposes new graphical representations and new resolution rules. Additionally, it sets new standards of rigor in the approach to Sudoku.

The “Hidden Logic of Sudoku” provides the first systematic perspective of the logical symmetries of the popular game. These are fully exploited to define new graphical representations, new kinds of resolution rules and a precedence ordering of the rules consistent with their logical complexity.

The set of rules defined in the book is illustrated with [Read More...]

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