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Numbrosia Puzzle


Amir pointed me via an email to another Facebook Puzzle application called Numbrosia, a number/slider puzzle hybrid.

Update: Numbroisa in not available anymore on Facebook but only for iPhone and iPod via the iTune store.

Object of Numbrosia is to turn all the numbers in the grid into zeros in as less as possible number of moves. You will be rewarded for using fewer moves than other players. By the different possibilities you have you can change the numbers on the grid: - add one to or subtract one from a row - add one to or subtract one from [Read More...]

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Perplex – Puzzle Game


Today I received an email from Mike about a new puzzle game he designed for Windows , which is a conversion of a mobile puzzle game. You can download the Windows installer for Perplex via his website MegaDev by clicking on the cloud. Although this puzzle game is in Beta and is not completely ready (e.g. music has still to be replaces) you can download the game by clicking on the cloud on the home page of MegaDev, or you can download it directly here.

It’s almost like the most famous puzzle [Read More...]

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2007 Top 10 Puzzle Game Developers


At Free Games News you can vote for this year’s best Puzzle Game Developer. The top 10 list of games you can choose from were almost all being discussed here at Passion for Puzzles. The list of best puzzle games (developers) consist of: - Loose the Moose by Bart Bonte - Bloxorz by Damien Clarke - Game Pure - Stephen Harris (Bloons) - Yoshio Ishii (Hoshi Saga and Hoshi Saga 2) - Taro [Read More...]

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Play Kakuro Online


Today I received an e-mail from Antony of ATK Solutions Inc. about their online Kakuro Puzzle Game (also known as Cross Sums) he programmed. As a person with passion for puzzles I checked this one out and I was surprised about the user friendliness of this online puzzle game.

It got everything to get you started from instruction, a practice round, and of course Kakuro puzzles in three different levels; easy, medium and hard. To solve the Kakuro puzzle you can enter the right figure into a [Read More...]

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Pipol Destinations – Online Puzzle Game


Pipol Destinations is a nice Flash Puzzle Game. It’s almost a copy of the famous puzzle game Lemmings, but this time with people (Pipol).

This lovely game will keep you puzzling for twenty levels. The aim is to dig a tunnel with your shovel (by clicking and dragging with the mouse) and to guide with your tunnel the “pipol” to their destination. The first two levels are rather easy, but from then it gears up. Happy Puzzling!


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Penguin Pass Online Puzzle Game


Now it’s getting much colder outside (at least over here) it’s time to play winter type puzzles like Penguin Pass by eUniverse. It’s a combination between Tetris and River Crossing. Place the ice blocks across the water to help the penguin make it to the other side of the water. Happy puzzling !

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Combs Online Puzzle Game


Via SWF Spot, a website for fun with Flash, I found the best Flash Puzzle game I’ve played in months, called Combs.

Object is to match the colors to form a hexagon shape (called a TriComb). You can rotate Combs by clicking on a them (the comb then rotates 120 degrees clockwise). It’s also possible to create a MegaComb, this happens when a just created TriComb breaks off and falls down in a comb (with the same color) below.

My experience is to keep the game board as clean as possible, otherwise [Read More...]

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