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Bola – Online Puzzle Game


Via GameSheep I found a variant of the world famous puzzle game Bejeweled called Bola. In stead of gems you now have to align glass balls on a smaller game grid.

The object of Bola is similar to Bejeweled, you will have to brake a certain minimum number of glass balls for each level in order to advance to the next. You can only swap two neighboring balls if at least one of them will enter a formation of three or more balls of the same color with the same symbol. Click on the glass balls [Read More...]

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Facebook Sudoku


If you have a Facebook profile you can now add Sudoku Puzzles to your Facebook profile. The Sudoku’s are provided by Free Sudoku Puzzles and are rather easy if I may say so.

For people who still need tips to solve Sudoku’s you can visit our how to solve Sudoku explanation or have a look at a few video’s by the world famous Carol Vorderman (part 1, part 2, [Read More...]

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Railz – Online Puzzle Game


Rialz is a nice little Flash Puzzle Game which reminded me of the PC game called Rail Road Tycoon. In Rialz you only have to complete loops of railway tracks by moving tiles around on the board and not manage trains using the railway tracks.

Game play is also basic. To move a tile, first select the tile by clicking on it. Then click on any empty space on the board to move it to the new location. After a tile is moved, a new replacement tile will [Read More...]

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Frescoz – Online Puzzle Game


Frescoz is another multi player puzzle game like Patchworkz by WellGames. Object is again to completes shapes and pattern layouts with variously shaped glass pieces provided at the bottom of the game.

This time you have to complete pictures of twelve zodiacal signs on different levels to pass the puzzle game. Your task is to make a stained-glass picture of variously shaped glass pieces. Rotate the pieces of different form and color by clicking on them and put in to the appropriate part of the pattern. You can use the [Read More...]

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Ladybird Online Puzzle Game


Via the SmartKit website I found an extended version of Tetravex called Lady Bird. The difference is that Lady Bird has three different levels to solve (size of game board; easy =3×3, tame 4×4 and hard 5×5), this is two more levels than Tetravex.

Object of Ladybird is the same as Tetravex; drag the nine, sixteen or even twenty-five tiles into the grid area so that any two adjacent numbers are the same. Every game has a solution. Nice kind of puzzle for a few [Read More...]

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Angular Momentum! – Online Puzzle Game


Angular Momentum! is an interesting and original Flash Puzzle Game. For me an unexpected and new experience with puzzle games.

The basics of Angular Momentum is that for each level your ball will be dropped out of an “entry tube” into the level. From that point on you have control over the ball. Using the arrow keys to control it’s momentum.

The goal of each level is to reach the exit using the momentum of the ball. Once you reach the exit you will be transported to the next level.

Again a very original [Read More...]

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Abducted!! – Adventure Game


Abducted! is an adventure game in Flash. It’s just another point and click / escape the room type of game.

In Abducted!, you play a human who has been abducted by aliens for unknown reasons. Object is to escape from the aliens and get yourself back to your home planet. There are four levels to complete, for each level solved a password is given for the next level, so you can return.

Strange is that you start in a normal looking room with normal gravity. I would love to see the game [Read More...]

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