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LazerBeamz is a simple but nice Flash Puzzle Game by ArmorGames.

Your object is to help NASA out as they have some problems in space. Many of their orbiting satellites, shuttles and space stations have been disabled by a horrendous solar storm. They are floating adrift without power. You control a particle beam emitter that has been retrofitted to give the stranded devices a little jump start. Stranded devices pulse the color of laser they’re compatible with, so hit them with the correct colored beam to power it up. The particle emitter can’t be rotated and sometimes an asteroid is in the way.

Use whatever beam splitters and reflectors you have available to hit every device in one shot.But be sure you keep all devices within the game board or they will be lost in space. All stranded devices have to be simultaneously in order to advance.

select the help devices with left mouse button so you can rotate them with the A- or D-key and move the around the game board with the S- and W-key. Press the space bar to start the particle beam emitter. Happy Puzzling!

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