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Via a Pluto Puzzles you can now play Lexoku, which is a kind of Sudoku mixed with a crossword puzzle.

In Lexoku, Sudoku’s are mixed with crossword puzzles because in a crossword, new words crop up all the time. You might see a word like ‘oligarchy’ and think, what a cool word, I should try and use that in next week’s presentation to the board of directors. Sudoku offers none of that. Once you’ve done a few, it dawns on you that you’re putting the same numbers in a grid over and over again, just in a different order.

This is where Lexoku comes in. In a Lexoku puzzle you are given a 6×6 grid — six rows, six columns and six 2×3 blocks and eighteen words of six letter. The object is to fill the grid by sticking to three simple rules:
1. Every row must contain all the letters of one of the words
2. Every column must contain all the letters of one of the words
3. Every 2×3 block must contain all the letters of one of the words.

All 18 of the words are used once in the grid.

I really like the combination of Lexoku and it adds a new dimension to the normal Sudoky puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

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