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Threesome – Puzzle Game


Threesome is a puzzle game designed by Oskar van Deventer (also known from Oskar’s Cube).

Game story: You and two friends are stuck in a building. The three of you want to move to another room. Can you work together reaching your goal? Maneuver the three players (multi colored dots) onto their X target. Place a dot on a colored marker to open doors of matching color. Two doors of the same color needs 2 dots on matching markers. You can also move a dot between doors and leave it there. Change player [Read More...]

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Cursor*10 – Puzzle Game


Cursor*10 is another puzzle game by Neko Games. The goal of Cursor*10 is to reach the 16th floor. Click at the stairs and move to the the 16th floor. You can help yourself by using your previous cursors.

Your previous cursor-lives run through the same puzzle you are in, repeating the same actions you completed before. You will have to use them to help you solve the puzzle. Just start Cursor*10 and it will explain itself. Happy Puzzling!


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The CCL Game


The CCL Game is a really good puzzle type logic game based on an old game called “The Incredible Machine”. This puzzle game is especially designed as a viral marketing technique by Kerb for CCL (a PC hardware and software online store).

Simply select one of the three products at the beginning of each level, and by using the various conveyor belts, fans and bouncy things in the toolbox on the left side of the screen, the aim is to get your chosen product across the warehouse into ‘system builds’. The quicker [Read More...]

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Galactic Gravity Golf – Online Puzzle Game


Galactic Gravity Golf is a Flash Puzzle Game. You can call this game also ‘golf in space’.

Galactic Gravity Golf is a really beautiful and nice looking puzzle game. The physics are really well implemented, and the levels are a great challenge. Playing is a real treat, and even after trying a level for the fifth time it isn’t frustrating. Happy puzzling !


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Samsung HDTV with Sudoku


Via DailyTech I found an article about an upcoming Samsung LCD HDTVs to feature games like Sudoku.

Samsung introduced at CES 2008 (Consumer Electronics Show) it’s new line of Series 6 and Series 7 LCD high-definition televisions. It starts with a lot of technical data about resolution and refresh rates. With all the excitement Samsung may have forgotten to mention in its press release that its upcoming high-end LCD HDTV’s will come packed with video games. Several models will come with content preloaded into the setís built-in flash memory, some [Read More...]

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Hex Vex Online Puzzle Game


Hex Vex is another Hexagon-based puzzle game like Full Hex.

Object of this logic puzzle game is to move the colored tiles to their specific markers. Find out the order to move the colored tiles. To move a tile just click on it with your mouse, then you click on the arrow in the direction you want to move your tile. Tiles only stop if the hit another tile or when they hit the border of the game board.

Hex Vex starts off easy with six ‘easy’ levels [Read More...]

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Penrose Slitherlink Puzzles


At KrazyDad you can not only find plenty of Slitherlink puzzles but also Penrose Slitherlink puzzles using the quasi-periodic 5-fold tiling discovered by Sir Roger Penrose. Each booklet contains six big Slitherlink puzzles in pdf format, with the answers in the back.

There are already 100 booklets, each with six Penrose Slitherlink puzzles, in easy printable pdf format available. Each book contains an assortment of difficulties, starting with two easy puzzles, then two intermediate, followed by two tough puzzles.

The rules summarized:1. Fill in some of the dotted line segments to form a meandering [Read More...]

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