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Via DailyTech I found an article about an upcoming Samsung LCD HDTVs to feature games like Sudoku.

Samsung introduced at CES 2008 (Consumer Electronics Show) it’s new line of Series 6 and Series 7 LCD high-definition televisions. It starts with a lot of technical data about resolution and refresh rates. With all the excitement Samsung may have forgotten to mention in its press release that its upcoming high-end LCD HDTV’s will come packed with video games. Several models will come with content preloaded into the set’s built-in flash memory, some of which will be games.

Tim Baxter, executive vice president of Samsung, told the AP that simple games such as Sudoku will be bundled with televisions. Other programs potentially preloaded on the TV include artwork (for use as a digital picture frame), screen savers, fitness programs and recipes.

“If you think about the TV experience, it has historically been a lean-back experience,” Baxter said, contrasting it to the “lean forward” experience of the PC. “We think there are opportunities to bring very relevant parts of that experience into the living room.”

Users will also be able to add new programs and artwork by transferring them from the PC to a flash drive, which can interface with the set’s USB slot.

Furthermore, the TV’s Ethernet port can also pave the way for more content options, including news, weather, sports and stocks information supplied by USA Today in a picture-in-picture window. Samsung’s Series 6 LCD HDTV’s will be available starting this March, with the Series 7 hitting in May 2007.

For me it will be just the small paper Sudoku books, to be able to solve Sudoku’s anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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