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A few weeks ago I already blogged about a new Number Puzzle Game Numbrosia for your Facebook account. I also mentioned that it would be great to have Numbrosia as an online puzzle game for everybody.

To my surprise I received two weeks later an email from the developer Amir to tell that puzzle game Numbrosia is online and can be played by everybody without any registration.

Update: Numbroisa in not available anymore on Facebook or online, but only for the iPhone and iPod via the iTune store.

In short Numbrosia is a number/slider puzzle hybrid. Object of Numbrosia is to turn all the numbers in the grid into zeros in as less as possible number of moves. You will be rewarded for using fewer moves than other players. By the different possibilities you have you can change the numbers on the grid:
– add one to or subtract one from a row
– add one to or subtract one from a column
– rotate a row left or right
– rotate a column up or down

Next to the numbers shown, each cell is also colored. From dark blue (negative numbers), lighter blue, white (zero), light red and dark red (positive numbers). This gives you in one blink the ‘feeling’ how you are doing.

For the people who love Numbrosia they can now play more than one hundred levels of this great puzzle game called Numbrosia… thanks again to Amir! Happy puzzling!

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